I had purchased Visalus through a friend I trust. I didn't lose weight, but only because I really didn't try.

I LOVE the shakes. They are a better choice than I usually make when on the run, especially breakfast. I think adding them to my diet, even if not daily is good. So, when I saw a nephrologist for my kidney stones and learned that I absolutely cannot have soy products, I was bummed.

Visalus uses soy protein, which for most people is a great and healthy option. Only people with calcium oxalate kidney stones are soy restricted. Not the other kinds of stones, or general kidney problems. So, I am emailing Visalus and asking that they develop a version for people like me or with soy allergies.

Dairy protein (whey) and egg proteins are fine for me. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will listen. Its definitely the yummiest protein shakes I've ever had.

And lets face it. If you don't like it, you won't eat it for long.

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Hi Rebecca, they won't listen. Many top distributors have left because of failing to change the product formulation because of many complaints.

I don't want to be hater cause I"m not, I just go with what works. If you want I can direct you to something that taste as good as the shakes with a 100% success rate if you want to lose weight, whatever your goals may be.

email me at frank.fit4life@gmail.com and we can contact each other and discuss what you want and talk about your goals



Mcallen, Texas, United States #649886

As a kidney stone former myself, I would be very interested in learning what the oxalate content of each shake is. Those of us who form calcium-oxalate stones need to limit our oxalate intake to between 40 and 50mg per day.

Since milk is absolutely safe for us, we could benefit from a milk based shake. I would have started the Visalus shakes long ago if soy wasn't included.

Logansport, Indiana, United States #635035

So the person that wrote this article is worried about nothing. Soy allergies have just come along in recent years because the way the soy is harvested & GMO soy.

Here is a little bit of biology of soy. All plants have some sort of defense mechanism to protect it when its not quite ripe. Soy had one of the most potent. GMO soy is formulated so they can pick it when its not ripe & also when te phytoestrogen is at ots peak defense.

Phytoestrogen when fully avtivated is what they call a anti-nutrient pretty much every thing you eat that is made using "vegetable oil" is GMO soy oil. Yes tons & tons of fully chargef phytoestrogen or anti-nutrients. These anti-nutrients attack thyroid & make it so it is very hard to absorb many many vitamins & minerals. Also messes up your ability to regulate fat.

The thing people are allegic to are called isoflavones. Non-GMO isoflavones have shown no adverse effect with people & current soy allergies. Isoflavones are in tons of food we all eat everyday its just GMO soy isoflavones that people are finding an allergic reaction to. Now science with ViSalus.

ViSalus uses NONGMO so the isoflavones show no adverse effect, actually can show many health benefits. Even saying that ViSalus uses an Isolate which removes all Isoflavones & Phytoestrogen that people are worried about. Now there are other Soy Isolates out their but you have to be very careful with how its made. 99% of all soy isolate is made using chemicals which puts large amounts of aluminum among other bad chemicals in their supplement.

ViSalus uses the purest technique to isolate their soy protein.

The easiest way to explain it is that they use a drip process through a cloth somewhat like filtering water. Naturally separated & no chemicals.


I believe you are jumping to conclusions Kevin. Soy is not unsafe at all, people with allergies to soy are.

Same as people allergic to cats should avoid them. Visalus tells you straight up what is in the shakes and that if you're unsure, ask your doctor. I strictly stay away from artificial sweeteners as well. Visalus is the first sucralose I've tried in many, many years and I still think they're delicious so it has nothing to do with being trained to like them.

I don't think it should be a fault that they tried to make it delicious.

To me it proves they want people to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long period instead of some disgusting thing that nobody will stick with. RebeccaD, thanks for your input, I have someone asking about the amount of oxalates because they get kidney stones really bad.


hmmmm.. Soy...kidney issues.

visalus..to me that's a major clue as to the UNSAFETY of Soy. Good luck on getting them to change any of their formula as they are cheap ingredients. Also, you love it because your mouth is trained to love artificial sweeteners like sucralose and their artificial ingredients. I know mine was.

I loved them too. you might try this. FAR Better shake no harmful products period and mix with almond milk and it tastes great. No not like cake frosting..but then that should be a clue now shouldn't it.

Best to you.


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